Plague Doctor Custom Lego Minifigure Accesory Pack


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Bring a touch of the mysterious and the macabre to your Lego minifigure collection with the Plague Doctor Custom Lego Minifigure Accessory Pack. This pack is designed to let you outfit your minifigure with the iconic attire of the medieval plague doctors, who roamed the streets of Europe during the Black Death. The pack includes four accessories that perfectly capture the distinctive look of the Plague Doctor, including:

MASK | Designed to fit perfectly over any standard Lego minifigure head and features a beak-like nose and a sinister-looking eye-hole.

HAT | A large brimmed hat that attaches both to the mask or to a standard minifgure head (with open stud).

STAFF | Intricately designed staff and wand to match the overall aesthetic of the Plague Doctor.

All pieces can be selected in various color options to fit you needs.

Please note that this accessory pack does not include a minifigure. However, the accessories are designed to work perfectly with any standard Lego minifigure. So whether you’re a fan of medieval history, or just love the dark and mysterious, the Plague Doctor Custom Lego Minifigure Accessory Pack is the perfect addition to your collection.

Additional information

Primary Color

Glow in the Dark, White, Black, Brown, Brown/Black Mask, Brown/Glow in the Dark Mask

Wand and Staff Color

Brown, White, Black, Glow in the Dark, Gray

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Accessory Pack